2 Local Nail Artists Reveal That 3D Nails And Dreamy Summer Nail Trends Are Hotter Than The Florida Sun

Summer sometimes seems fantastic. One minute it’s there, you’re baking, your skin is about to peel off, and the next minute it’s all over, unfortunately.

Not to mention, trends are also fast-paced and sometimes hard to follow. Three-dimensional nails and dreamy nails are now hotter than the Florida sun, and we reached out to two local nail technicians to show us how to perfect our manicure for the season.

Dream a little dream with the dreamy nail trend.

Valerie Cruz: “This is definitely a very popular summer trend because of the vibrant colors that make it feel like a Miami sunset.”

Valerie from Nails Valor showed Deco how to make those dreams come true.

Valerie Cruz: “Stick with nice pastels like blue and purple.”

How about a nice lavender mist for nail inspiration?

Valerie Cruz: “I made a very beautiful lavender color for the base, and then added blue and blended it with a sponge.”

Don’t forget the accents!

Valerie Cruz: “And I did a few stars with white gel polish; I have very cute holographic butterfly stickers.”

If you really want to make this trend your own, Valerie says chrome is the key.

Valerie Cruz: “Under the chrome, the colors are really brighter.”

Start by applying a white base with chrome powder.

Valerie Cruz: “Then on top I apply these translucent pinks and purples and then with a small brush I blend them together. I painted some pretty clouds, made some stars white, and added a very small gem to the center of the stars.”

Two-dimensional nail art is a thing of the past. It’s all about 3-D nails!

Camila Acevedo: “The 3D nail trend is not just 2D nails but an extra layer on the nails and you can see it coming out of the nail.”

Camila of Clawed by Cami says the trend is all about being creative, like making realistic gems.

Camila Acevedo: “I used a very clear foil and used a 3D gel to stick the foil directly onto the nail and once I did that I was able to use the 3D rhinestone glue and form a very beautiful gem around the foil.”

Add some silver around your “jewels” and you’re done! You can even add some floral touches to your manicure.

Camila Acevedo: “Use the 3D gel to go ahead and apply the fern and once it was applied I used my 3D gel again and just gave it a pretty drop. The whole point is just to have fun with 3D.”

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