500-pound robot sculpture submerged in ocean for underwater art exhibit

POMPANO BEACH, Florida (TodayNews) — A robot sculpture was submerged 100 feet below the ocean surface Wednesday as part of an underwater art exhibit, NBC affiliate WTVJ reported.

The 7-foot, 500-pound sculpture, known as the H2O Mechanic, will be installed at the stern of the Lady Luck wreck in Pompano Beach. The wreck is a 324-foot tanker that sank in July 2016 as an artificial reef. It is one of the largest contributions to the state’s artificial reef system.

The robot was built from steel and is part of the community’s public art program. The robot was on display for a year above ground just south of the Fisher family pier.

The sculpture’s final resting place is Shipwreck Park, where it will join other underwater monuments at a depth of 100 feet below sea level.

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“It’s about art. It’s about education. It’s about an artificial reef program, creating underwater biodiversity and a great place for divers and tourists,” said Jeff Torode of Shipwreck Park.

On Wednesday, crews loaded the sculpture onto a trailer and then onto a boat. A group of divers went down to the bottom and installed a receiver on the ship.

The robot will remain at the bottom of the ocean to welcome underwater visitors.

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