7-year-old from Citrus County competes in the 2023 US Mullet Championship – here’s how to vote

CITRUS COUNTY, FL (FloridaToday.news) – A young lad from Citrus County takes the phrase “business in front, party in the back” to a whole new level!

Matthew Skorupski is a 7-year-old boy from the Crystal River area who competes in the 2023 USA Mullet Championship. The boy’s mother, Amy Olivo, said that Matthew had been growing his mullet for two years.

Book-e specifically misspelled “Hi” on a Texas billboard?

“I love my mullet, I have been growing it since I was 5 years old!” The boy’s profile on the Mullet Champ website read.

In an email to FloridaToday.news News Channel 8, Olivo said that Matthew “goes everywhere” handing out flyers to try and win votes.

The competition, which is held every year, is divided into different categories for women, men, teenagers and children to showcase their hairstyles. Contest winners will receive cash prizes and prize packages from contest sponsors, as well as an exclusive USA Mullet Championships cup!

  • Contributed by Amy Olivo
  • Contributed by Amy Olivo
  • Contributed by Amy Olivo
  • Contributed by Amy Olivo

Three rounds of voting are held to determine the winners. Round 1 ended on Monday and Olivo shared on Facebook that Matthew made it to round 2.

“You guys!!!! He did it!!!!!! I screamed when I saw it!! wrote Olivo.

Children’s Round 2 voting will start on July 20th and run until July 24th. According to Olivo, in the third round, the judges will choose the final winner.

Anyone wishing to vote for a local 7-year-old can follow this link.

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