A Florida man hits cars with a tire iron and throws barbecue grills at police officers in an incident sparked by “road rage,” according to the sheriff.

BREWARD COUNTY, Florida (FloridaToday.news) — A Florida man has been arrested after deputies said he hit cars with a tire iron and threw barbecue grills at them in a “road rage” incident.

Brevard County deputies said they were called to the intersection of School Street and Bay Avenue in Cocoa Tuesday due to a “road rage” incident.

Witnesses reported that a gray Chevy Tahoe was parked in the middle of the road and then began to ram cars as drivers tried to avoid it.

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The suspect, later identified as Raymond Hofmann, got out of his SUV and began hitting passing cars with a tire iron, even breaking the side window of a passing truck driver, the sheriff’s office said.

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  • (Breward County Sheriff’s Office)
  • (Breward County Sheriff’s Office)

Brevard County deputies said they learned that Hofmann was armed with a nail gun and threatened people at the scene.

When the police arrived at the scene, they claimed to have found Hofmann armed with a crowbar.

According to the deputies, when they were ordered to throw the crowbar, Hofmann told them: “You will have to kill me!”

Hofmann threw the crowbar and began to run away from the deputies, the sheriff’s office said.

“Apparently he didn’t get a memo that if you run from the Brevard County deputies you’ll go to jail tired,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey said.

Three deputies chased after Hofmann. During the chase, Hofmann allegedly threw a chair and barbecue grill at the deputies.

Hofmann was eventually taken into custody and charged with resisting, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, and other charges related to his “violent attacks on citizens”.

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