A man was detained after hours of confrontation between special forces in the Allapatta area

MIAMI (FloridaToday.news) — A hours-long standoff in Miami’s Allapatta neighborhood ended peacefully after SWAT teams broke into an apartment, leading police to detain a man who barricaded himself inside.

7News cameras captured Miami City Police SWAT trucks and cops with rifles after they reacted to the neighborhood at Northwest 28th Terrace and 18th Place on Saturday morning.

The officers blocked the street and opened it only after more than 12 hours.

For most of that time, the police tried to convince the man hiding in the apartment to come out.

“Our special forces are back here where they were called,” said Miami Police Captain Freddie Cruz. “After a few hours, we managed to detain a person who was in the apartment.”

According to investigators, it all started around 2 am.

“A woman called and said that she may have been raped in an apartment here. Our officers have arrived here; there’s a person in the house who doesn’t want to go out,” Cruz said.

The detectives are still trying to piece everything together.

“Our detectives will be working on this case, figuring out what the allegations are and what really happened,” Cruz said.

The man who spoke to 7News said he was friends with the victim and her husband. He said he rushed to the scene to help and what he saw was frightening.

“There are bruises on her face, her nose is broken, she is covered in blood,” he said.

The man, who asked not to be named, described the woman as a mother and a kind person.

“She didn’t deserve it. I just hope that justice will prevail,” he said.

Police said the woman is in a stable condition.

As of Saturday evening, it is not clear what charges could be brought against the man taken into custody.

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