Aaron Hernandez’s brother Dennis is arrested on suspicion of planning a shooting at the University of Connecticut, Brown.

Dennis John Hernandez, older brother of the late New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, is being held in a Connecticut prison on $250,000 bail after he allegedly planned and threatened two shootings at UConn and Brown University.

The 37-year-old was arrested July 19 on charges of threatening and disturbing the peace, according to the Bristol Police Department’s arrest log.

According to an incident report cited by the Associated Press, two women told police they were concerned about Hernandez and his recent “very erratic behavior,” adding that he was “extremely ill and his mental health continues to deteriorate.”

The woman told police she was dating Hernandez and lent him her car so he could set a trial date for July 7 in a separate case. According to the report, Hernandez instead went to UC and Brown and entered “several classrooms and buildings at UC.”

According to TMZ Sports, Hernandez has had several legal issues in recent months, some of them related to an incident in May when he threw a brick at ESPN headquarters.

He was a two-time captain of the Huskies football team, where he played quarterback and wide receiver from 2004 to 2008. He also has a connection with Brown, who is the varsity quarterback coach for the 2011 season.

Police noted that they had previously spoken to another woman who said Hernandez went to “map the schools” and stated that she had “a bullet for everyone.”

He also posted threatening messages on social media, according to the report. “I will kill? Absolutely,” reads one post. “I warned my enemies, so pay up front.”

Police findings led to Hernandez being deemed “seriously disabled and a danger to society” and sending officers to his home. Surrounded, Hernandez spoke to police on the phone. According to the report, he claimed to be armed and told the officers that “if we approached him, he would kill us all”.

The report claims that Hernandez left the house and walked around the back to approach the police, yelling “shoot me” with his arms outstretched. According to the report, he ignored commands and was subsequently electrocuted.

While Hernandez was being examined at the hospital, Hernandez allegedly said he planned to “still planned to kill [redacted] along with all those who profited from his brother Aaron.” A police report cited by USA Today says he mentioned ESPN but not specific people.

According to the report, after he was taken to the Bristol Police Department, police were presented with a screenshot of a previously unreported threat that Hernandez sent to a family member.

“The UConn program will pay off if I don’t have a package deal and I don’t get my property and everything I worked for,” Hernandez allegedly wrote. [redacted] who gets caught in the crossfire.

His brother, Aaron Hernandez, was convicted of murder in 2015 and committed suicide in custody two years later, two days after he was acquitted of the 2012 double murder case. In 2017, he was posthumously diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

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