Air conditioning repair companies busy during heat wave advise preventive maintenance

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Florida. – With high temperatures across Central Florida, experts are stressing the importance of homeowners maintaining their air conditioners.

“If you are already broke waiting for a part, unfortunately you are at the mercy of the supply chain,” he said. Sal Izzo, Mid-Florida AC Technician.

Izzo said the industry standard is to check the system once a year. Not all problems can be solved in advance, but many of them can. Izzo said most of the calls they answer are for homeowners who have been out of service for several years.

In addition to service, he encourages people to seek help as soon as they think something is wrong. Depending on the part, repairs can take days or even weeks. Even though his team offers window blocks during the waiting period, this option may not be for everyone.

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“Getting an order before it actually goes out of order… [prevents] we see many of these problems with your customers waiting without air for about a week or two,” he added.

FOX 35 News spoke to residents, many of whom knew the rules for air conditioner maintenance. James Bentley said checking his HVAC regularly is just one of the many things he does to make sure he doesn’t get cold in the summer.

“Stay at home, drink plenty of fluids,” he said. “If I do go out, it’s usually early in the morning or late at night, when it’s a little easier to work.”

Izzo said the air filter should be checked monthly and replaced as needed. He recommends using a cotton filter rather than fiberglass.

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