An investigation is underway after human remains were found in suitcases along the Delray Beach coastal waterway.

DELRAEY BEACH, Florida. ( — The Delray Beach Police Department responded to an emergency call reporting a suspicious object in the water along the Coastal Waterway near the 1000 Block Palm Trail in Delray Beach Friday afternoon.

Upon arrival, the officers made a grim find – a suitcase with human remains. Subsequently, two more suitcases were found at nearby locations along the coast, both also containing human remains.

During the course of the investigation, the authorities determined that the human remains belonged to one unidentified adult woman. Three suitcases were found in different locations: one at the original location on the Palm Trail, and others were found near Southeast 7th Avenue and Casuarina Road.

Image of the floral t-shirt the victim was wearing (courtesy of the Delray Beach Police Department)

According to police, the victim is a middle-aged white or Hispanic woman with brown hair and is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall. She may have had tattooed eyebrows and was wearing a floral print tank top, a black tank top and mid-thigh black shorts.

The victim’s remains were carefully collected and taken to the medical forensic office for further examination and identification.

Detective Mike Liberta is leading an ongoing investigation into the incident. The Delray Beach Police Department is calling on anyone with any information or possible leads to come forward and help. Detective Liberta can be contacted at 561-243-7874.

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