Areas in the city reached 100 degrees last week, but there are no official three-digit numbers yet for climate website Jax.

This weekend in Jacksonville, the temperature will again approach the 100-degree mark!

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. No one was as sick on the first 100-degree day in Jacksonville in more than a year as meteorologist Lauren Rautenkrantz on Friday. She had the data and even the city’s first ever heat warning to back her up! However, at Jacksonville International Airport, the temperature is two degrees below the benchmark.

In all transparency on behalf of our First Coast News most accurate weather team, Friday’s official high temperature in Jacksonville was 98 degrees. It takes a lot of energy to get to a big 1-0-0 score, and late last week the atmosphere was just not right. Then, after Saturday’s 98-degree high, four consecutive 98-degree highs in Jacksonville (Wednesday through Saturday) appear in the history books. It’s still quite impressive!

In any case, it was much hotter due to the humidity, which was inevitably the end of an unlucky 100 degree Friday afternoon. A damper atmosphere heats up more slowly than a drier one. Thus, the dew point was too high for last week’s temperature to quickly rise to 100 degrees in the climate center. It felt like the temperature fluctuated between 110 and 115 degrees. Wow!

However, there were still many areas in the region where the thermometer was REALLY 100 degrees, including Mayport and NAS JAX on Friday. Then on Saturday NAS JAX hit 100 again and Mayport hit 101!

On average, three days can be expected in Jacksonville with a day at or above 98 degrees. This year we have tested eight of them so far! As the heat dome returns this week, our temperatures will gradually rise. Looks like we’ll be dealing with the upper 90s again, especially Friday through the weekend.

Buckle up and stay healthy, friends!

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