Arlington ISD honors teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week

The Arlington Independent School District (ISD) is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, a special occasion to recognize and express gratitude to all educators for their unwavering commitment and passion for education, according to a Dallas news outlet, Dallas Metro News. As the exact dates of the celebration vary, one thing remains constant: Arlington ISD teachers deserve appreciation throughout the year for their invaluable impact on students’ lives.

Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, Superintendent of Arlington ISD, expressed his deep gratitude for every teacher in the district. He acknowledged their dedication to providing quality education and improving students’ well-being, particularly during the challenges posed by the pandemic. The district’s success, with a large number of thriving students, can be attributed to the devotion of its teachers, who are responsible for their growth and development.

Melody Fowler, Board President and a former teacher herself, extended her appreciation to all teachers, recognizing the difficulties they face in their profession. Arlington ISD comprises 77 schools, and at a recent banquet held at the Arlington ISD Professional Development Center, dedicated teachers from each school were honored. The event, featuring a variety of food and messages from the district’s top officials, demonstrated Arlington ISD’s appreciation for its educators.

The Kiwanis Club of Arlington also honored the winners of the Kiwanis Woodrow Counts Teacher of the Year at their annual celebration on April 5. Alan Austin from Arlington High School, Charnae Jordan from Nichols Junior High, and Corrine Brookshire from Little Elementary were recognized in the High School, Junior High, and Elementary schools categories, respectively.

The AWARE Foundation, an all-volunteer organization that has been recognizing exceptional teachers in Arlington ISD since 1989, recently announced the finalists for this year’s AWARE Foundation Awards. Danielle Brigham from Farrell Elementary, Jamie Hesser from Bryant Elementary, Corrie Brookshire from Little Elementary, Francelia Jame from Workman Junior High, and Rylee Russell-Bruton from Venture High School were nominated in various categories. Arlington ISD congratulates all award recipients and extends a heartfelt thank you to all its educators for their inspiring work.


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