Ask Soldier Steve: Why is I-4 not prevented from speeding?

ORLANDO, Florida. – News 6 traffic safety expert Steve Montero answers viewers’ questions every week about the rules of the road, helping Central Florida residents become better drivers through better education.

Trooper Steve was asked Thursday: “Why is there almost no law enforcement on I-4? I see people going over the limit, but not soldiers or police.”

He said he wasn’t sure if the commenter Joseph was asking a question, complaining, or just looking for a place to grumble.

“Anyway, I get you, boy. I’m sure most people know that it’s physically impossible to be everywhere all the time. I myself even used the expression: “Where is the cop where he is needed?” This, of course, is simply out of frustration and not the fault of any law enforcement officer,” he said.

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According to Private Steve, even if Joseph commutes to work on the busiest sections of the highway, it still represents only a moment.

“Thousands of drivers pass on our roads, and at this moment I understand that they see their reality. We can’t see what’s going on all the time and where the enforcement is going on, but as someone who handles some of those details, I can tell you they’re there,” he said. “The road infrastructure also limits police enforcement on certain stretches of the highway and, of course, current construction sites. While I understand Joseph’s point of view, it will only be his.”

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