Bird Box Barcelona: the action moves from the US to Spain, Georgina Campbell and Diego Calva are happy to share their experience

A few years ago, Bird Box had people all over the internet rolling their eyes and trying to recreate scenes from a hit movie.

Get ready for a repeat! So Netflix has Alex Miranda from Deco, who flies better than any bird.

Later this week, the new Bird Box movie will be released on Netflix, and this time the action and horror is set in Europe!

Georgina Campbell (as Claire): “Stay close. Who is there?”

The Bird Box universe is going global, and we don’t mean vacation.

Diego Calva (as Octavio): “What are you doing in Barcelona?

Georgina Campbell (as Claire): I found her, we traveled together. I’m trying to find her mother, are you?

The spin-off sequel Barcelona Bird Box shifts the action from the US to Spain, where mysterious creatures continue to wreak havoc in the eyes of anyone who looks at them.

Georgina Campbell (as Claire): “These things, take our fears and pervert them.”

Stars Georgina Campbell and Diego Calva love the idea of ​​taking the film overseas.

Georgina Campbell: “It’s such an interesting idea, ‘OK, let’s take this from, say, America.’ I think it would be great if they could keep doing it in different countries and bring a lot of different cultures into it.”

Diego Calva: “It’s kind of genius because you can make another movie in every country and everyone will be a little different in the same universe, but I hope ‘Birdbox in Mexico’ is for sure.”

Actor Mario Casas says the location change also gave them the opportunity to include other languages ​​in the film.

Mario Casas: “Si Hablamos Castellano, I think it’s very nice in the film where we speak Spanish, German and English. Georgina is here to speak English and you can get an idea of ​​how globalized things are, how multicultural we have, and that tells you where we are as a society, straight up, on TV shows and everything. I enjoyed working with three different languages ​​so much.”

The bird box was pretty scary, but the directors of this film say the horror elements are only part of the story.

Alex Pastor: “To make a successful Birdbox movie without blindfolds, you need compelling characters that you can relate to, that you can empathize with, and that you can suffer from. And, birds, and birds, you need birds too. “

But don’t worry, the chills and thrills are definitely still there.

Georgina Campbell: “When people talk about horror as a genre and write about it, the longer you can put off watching something, the better, because your imagination will always be much worse than what you actually saw.”

You can catch Bird Box Barcelona on Netflix on Friday.

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