Broward House ASL seeks help after historic Fort Lauderdale flood damages property

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. (TodayNews) — Months after dozens of people at a Fort Lauderdale nursing home were evicted due to bad weather, this facility is now asking for help to rebuild.

Stacey Hyde, CEO of Broward House, told 7News on Friday about the damage to the property.

“Right now our loss after insurance is about $1.5 million,” she said. “There was water and dirt all over the building.”

On April 12, Broward County residents experienced a historic flood.

“We couldn’t even get into our two buildings for about four days,” Hyde said.

As a result of the flood, six Broward House buildings were severely damaged, and dozens of their homeless residents were forced to leave their homes.

“Broward House is often the only place for some people who have no insurance, who have no income, who have been marginalized by family and often by society,” Hyde said, “and when they come here, living with HIV, with mental health, having experiences , homelessness, we are able to restore them, and they begin to believe in themselves.”

And that is why they are so determined to reopen, rebuild and renew this aid by gutting each of their buildings.

“We found mold on the ceiling, which led us to believe we really needed a new roof,” Hyde said.

They hope the donations will help rebuild their institutions and provide the health care that so many desperately need.

“The biggest problem I face every day is saying no to people living on the streets who we can’t accept and have nowhere else to go,” Hyde said, “so we’re trying to take care of them.” and make sure they take their meds while they are in the shelter or actually live on the street, so we need to open as soon as possible.”

Broward House officials have said their goal is to open by October. If you would like to donate, please click here.

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