Caviar & Bubbles: Smith & Wollensky Celebrates National Caviar Day With Unique Tasting

These days there is a national day of celebration for just about everything, and next Tuesday will be a bit fishy, ​​but in a good way.

National Caviar Day is just around the corner. Deco checks out a local spot that is making a splash.

Larry David: “You’re really going to town on that caviar.”

Christian Slater: “This is the best caviar they could get. It’s incredible.”

Larry David: “I know.”

Christian Slater: “Do you think I’m really going to miss this?”

Larry David: “I think you’re a little over your limit.”

Christian Slater: “My site?”

Larry David: “You know, each of us has the right to take a certain amount, so everyone else can get some too.”

You don’t have to worry about counting caviar because it flows to Smith & Wollensky on South Beach.

Henry Delgado: “Smith & Wollensky has been part of South Beach for the last 26 years. We are mainly a steakhouse, but we serve seafood.”

In this case, “seafood” refers to gourmet dishes.

Goldie Hawn (as Joanna): “The caviar should be round and hard, the right size, and it should burst in the mouth at just the right moment.”

She has a dot. That’s why the restaurant celebrates National Caviar Day on Tuesday with a unique tasting.

Henry Delgado: “Before, caviar was served only on special occasions. We want to change this. We want people to get it simply because they want to have a great time.”

The Caviar & Bubbles menu is dedicated to the varied presentation of the delicacy.

Henry Delgado: “For our Caviar & Bubbles experience, we have a choice of three different types of caviar from around the world.”

There are traditional cones.

Henry Delgado: “You can have three options. It can be eaten on pancakes, on a raw oyster, or on a mother-of-pearl spoon.”

The usual route serves caviar with egg whites, yolks, capers, shallots, parsley and sour cream. Must love to have options!

And for those looking for something a little different…

Henry Delgado: “One of our presentations will be charred onion sauce. We also have crispy chicken skins and unflavored potato chips that we make ourselves. We just want you to add a spoonful of onion sauce, add some caviar to it, and you’re done.”

All of these options are designed to enjoy bubbles in the form of wine and champagne. Health to this!

Marcela Brogal: “I have eaten caviar before, but I have never been like this. Sauce, potato chips and chicken skin, which I have never eaten, I really liked. It was very good.”

Caviar & Bubbles starts at $85 but depends on your order. If you drink a glass of sparkling wine on Tuesday, you will receive a free portion of caviar.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:Smith & Wollensky1 Washington Ave.Miami Beach, FL

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