Chaos on the roads of South Florida as street racers take over Wynwood, I-95, Miami Gardens.

Chaos reigned on the roads of South Florida as illegal street racers blocked roads and highways from Wynwood to Miami Gardens and other parts of Miami-Dade, including a section of Interstate 95 late Thursday and early Friday.

Miami police officials said officers arrived in the Northwest 1st Avenue and 23rd Street area around midnight after receiving calls about vehicles blocking the driveway and making donuts.

When law enforcement officers arrived, the cars began to leave the scene.

In footage posted on social media, dozens, if not hundreds, of spectators filmed cars and motorcycles performing burnouts, skids, donuts, and other stunts.

Elsewhere in Miami, people were seen leaning out of open doors and sitting in trunks while cars were making donuts in a tunnel that was blocked off and filled with spectators.

A similar scene took place in Miami Gardens, where several vehicles overtook the NW 13th Avenue area at the Palmetto Expressway. Spectators set off fireworks while drivers ate donuts.

Police have arrested a fourth suspect, accused of organizing and participating in street racing in Miami-Dade County. Reporting Heather Walker from NBC 6

On I-95, near the Golden Glades interchange, traffic came to a halt as drivers and hundreds of spectators took to the highway to repeat the same stunts.

Aerial footage taken Friday shows tire tracks on a large stretch of highway where drivers were making donuts and burning them.

Authorities in South Florida have cracked down on illegal street racing and intersection grabbing in recent months, making dozens of arrests in Miami-Dade and Broward.

Officials say events organized online are not only dangerous for participants and spectators, but also for other drivers and anyone who might need an ambulance that could be blocked by grabs.

A state law passed in 2022 prohibits street racing. This includes grabs, drag racing, donuts, burnout, wheelies, drifting, and other related activities that can create unsafe roads. In addition to jail time, drivers can have their driver’s license revoked and fined up to $5,000.

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