Coast Guard announces multiple rescues off St. Augustine

On Friday, the Mayport search and rescue team rescued 4 people. On Saturday, they helped three people whose boat capsized after being rescued by the Good Samaritans.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida. The Mayport Coast Guard Station search and rescue team rescued seven people between Friday and Saturday, according to the US Southeast Coast Guard.

On Friday, the crew helped four people on a 24-foot boat that broke down in the water. They were 46 miles off the coast of St. Augustine.

In the second case, which occurred on Saturday, the ship capsized and three people went into the water. The Good Samaritan helped them escape.

The search and rescue team responded and delivered three people to the local marina.

No injuries were reported.

A commercial salvage company is working to restore the boat.

“All sailors were wearing life jackets on every occasion, which is very important for your safety on the water,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Wayne Ballard, a vehicle technician at Coast Guard Station Mayport. “I recommend that all sailors carry out scheduled maintenance, as you do for your machine, before you go on the water, to ensure you have a safe voyage.”

The Coast Guard will inspect your boat for safety free of charge, with no repercussions if your boat fails the inspection. You can follow this link to learn more about how to register.

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