Deco has a date with Barbie stars America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae and Michael Cera.

Barbie opens Thursday, and in case you haven’t noticed, the movie hype is going crazy.

In the movie, Barbie gets to know the real world, and whether you’re a human or a doll, the real world can be a little bigger, as you might already know.

But Deco is all about fun, so we had a date with the film’s supporting cast and it was a party full of Barbie laughs.

Ariana Greenblatt (as Sasha): “We haven’t played Barbie since we were 5 years old.”

Margot Robbie (as Barbie): “Oh!”

America Ferrera says that if you haven’t played Barbie, you will still appreciate this movie.

America Ferrera: “I haven’t played with Barbies and to be honest, I would have thought, ‘Oh! I don’t have any feelings for Barbie, but I think the truth is that everyone has feelings for Barbie.”

America Ferrera (as Gloria): “Barbie in the real world. This is impossible.”

America helps Barbie navigate the real world and helps her understand femininity.

America Ferrera: “Barbie has replaced all of us in our minds with idealized beauty and glamour, and the fact that we can tell this big epic movie and change that story, change it.”

Margot Robbie (as Barbie): “Barbie is a doctor and a lawyer, and so much more.”

Will Ferrell (as Mattel CEO): “Ahh! I thought we discontinued it.”

The movie will feature Weird Barbie, played by Saturday Night Live alum Kate McKinnon.

Hari Nef (as Barbie): “The President is here.”

Issa Rae (as President Barbie): “Yes. Please.”

Issa Rae is the president of Barbie, and Michael Cera plays Ken’s best friend, Alan.

All actors have different types of Barbies that they would bring to life if they could.

Kate McKinnon: “I would create Potato Farmer Barbie. It’s very, very hard. And you?”

Michael Cera: “I’m trying to think of what I can create to help. Is it a drought?

Kate McKinnon: “Yes, it’s a drought.”

Michael Cera: “I’d be an Irrigation Barbie.”

Issa Rae: “I won’t fall for any of this and I want to be a Barbie that doesn’t think about work or do anything. Just Mind Turned Off Barbie, like a meditation Barbie, I would love that.”

Michael Cera: “I want to see the look on that Barbie’s face.”

Issa Rae: “It’s just…”

Michael Cera: “She just opened her mouth a little.”

Role play with these funny dolls is a must and of course President Barbie has to set the scene.

Issa Rae: “Barbie on a rocket ship, the rocket ship has a fire burning in the kitchen. Go!”

Kate McKinnon: “Ken, there’s a fire in the kitchen.”

Michael Cera: “It’s so dangerous.”

Kate McKinnon: “I don’t think we’ll get to Saturn.”

Michael Cera: “Can we just put out the fire?”

Kate McKinnon: You’re always like this, you always downplay what I say.

Michael Cera: “No, I want to talk about all this, but I…”

Kate McKinnon: “I need to lie down right now. Lie with me, please, and hold me.

Michael Cera: “I’ll do it in 5 minutes.”

Issa Ray: “Unfortunately, I don’t think you can set it on fire in space, so I [expletive] what’s up. You can not?

Kate McKinnon: “You can’t?”

Michael Cera: “But we’re in a pressurized chamber.”

Barbie hits theaters on Friday.

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