Deliveries after sale days are the “prime” target for front porch pirates

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. There will be hundreds of thousands of deliveries this week and the week following Amazon Prime Day, which means porch pirates will be on the run trying to steal your packages.

Sorry, we got a little carried away. But seriously, according to, about 1.7 million packages are lost or stolen every day in the US.

Package thefts are expected to increase by 40% after Prime Day.

Former officer James Brown, who served in the Jacksonville sheriff’s office, said he witnessed most package thefts during the holiday season, but warns that thieves are always looking for new opportunities to make money.

“It’s a crime of opportunity,” he said. “Some of these items are taken and resold online.”

The key, Brown said, must be ready.

“Once you get over the excitement, now think about planning. Are there any additional instructions you need to leave with the delivery driver?” Brown said.

One easy step to secure your package is to have it delivered to an Amazon Hub Locker instead of your home.

You can request delivery of the hub locker at checkout. Amazon will find the center closest to your shipping address.

You can also install a locker outside your home. Experts say that even an unlocked drawer can prevent theft.

Another option is to install a battery operated doorbell camera.

If your package is stolen, you have options.

Amazon covers most stolen packages, but you should still report it to your local police even if you haven’t caught the thief on camera.

“This particular reported case does not seem like much, but if they are reported on a regular basis, there could be two or three such cases. One in this area, four five in this area, and you can start connecting the dots,” Brown said. “Crimes are usually committed by a very small percentage of people.”

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