Deputy Broward sheriff fired after rough 2019 arrest of teen returns to work

Nearly a year after Deputy Sheriff Broward was acquitted in the 2019 Tamarack teenager’s brutal arrest, he has returned to the department.

Deputy Christopher Krikovich was fired after the 2019 arrest of then-15-year-old DeLucca Rolle, but Broward Sheriff’s Office officials confirmed he was expected at work on Wednesday.

The news comes days after Krikovich won an arbitration case against the BSO and was awarded an immediate return to a full position with full pay.

A mobile phone video that went viral showed Krikovich and Sheriff Sergeant Broward. Greg Lacerra attempts to subdue and arrest Rolle on April 18, 2019 in Tamarac Town Square, an area notorious for brawls.

The Court of Appeal sided with a BSO sergeant who invoked the state’s so-called “Stand Your Own” law after he was charged with battery in the case of a rough arrest of a teenager. Willard Shepard of NBC 6 reports.

Deputies were seen punching the teenager and hitting his head on the pavement while Rolle resisted being handcuffed and when they were surrounded by a large crowd of people.

Lacerra and Krikovich were charged with battery and falsifying reports. Both were later cleared of charges of falsifying reports.

A Florida appeals court later acquitted Lacerra of a battery charge that found he acted in self-defense under Florida’s so-called “Stand Your Own” law, and he was reinstated to the BSO.

BSO Sergeant Gregory Lacerra talks to NBC 6 about charging the battery on the Delucca Roll. Willard Shepard reports

A six-member Broward County jury found Krikovich not guilty after a trial last July.

The Occupational Standards Committee recommended that Krikovich not be punished, but Sheriff Gregory Toney disagreed and fired him.

The charges against Delucchi Rolle were later dropped.

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