DeSantis Campaign in Iowa as Property Insurance Concerns Grow for Florida Residents

TAMPA, Florida ( — Gov. Ron DeSantis will halt the campaign in Iowa on Friday. He is trying to gain momentum in the race for the White House.

New reports show the governor wants to reassure donors he has what it takes to win. According to a confidential campaign memo obtained by NBC News, DeSantis plans to push into states with early primaries before focusing on the Super Tuesday battlefields.

‘We need to get the governor back’: Florida legislator pleads for another special session on property insurance

Recent polls show White House hopes are lagging in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, according to NBC News. St. Petersburg College political scientist Tara Newsom says all three are critical to winning the Republican presidential nomination.

Meanwhile, many Floridians are criticizing DeSantis for the public property insurance crisis. Farmers’ Insurance is the latest insurance company to leave the state.

DeSantis responded to concerns: “Knock on wood, we won’t have a major storm this summer.” He said that the recently adopted reform needs time to resolve this issue.

Many Democrats are urging the governor to come back for another special session on the crisis. State Senator Tracey Davis of Jacksonville said: “We are the people who can solve this problem for the people of Florida and we are ready to work, but we need the governor to come home to do it.”

DeSantis is showing no signs of slowing down campaign efforts. According to Newsom, this is a risky move. “In Iowa, he couldn’t get off the ground. So why not dig in and come back and have a special session in the state of Florida,” she says.

The Iowa Governor’s Roundtable is scheduled for 1:00 pm.

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