DeSantis says he won’t be Trump’s running mate: ‘I’m not the #2 guy’

“I’d say I’m the only one who can win both the nomination and the general election,” DeSantis said.

ST. SAINT PETERSBURG, Florida. It looks like voters may rule out the possibility of Trump-DeSantis running in 2024.

In a podcast from Wisconsin, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would not be a running mate for Donald Trump if the former president won the Republican presidential primary.

“I’m not the #2 guy,” DeSantis said. “I think I am a leader. Governor of Florida, I’ve been able to achieve a lot. I think I could do more by staying there than by being a vice president who doesn’t really have any authority.”

Polls across the board show Trump leading the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, with DeSantis trailing in second place. In a June CBS News poll, 61% of Republican voters chose Trump as their first choice, while 23% chose DeSantis.

If the Florida governor loses the primary, he said he would support any Republican candidate.

“There are two candidates who can win the nomination: Trump and me, and I would say I’m the only one who can win both the nomination and the general election,” DeSantis told the hosts.

Back on May 10, Tampa Bay reporter Aaron Parseghian spoke to local voters at the Conservative Grounds, a GOP-style coffee shop in Largo, about how they feel about the election.

And when it comes to the primaries, they don’t pick sides yet.

“I think healthy competition is great,” Audra Christian said of Trump and DeSantis. “Honestly, I’ll take both. Any of them. I like them both.”

“I think as long as the Republican base will be friends with each other, I think it will be great,” the customer added. “I think if we start fighting at the base, it will break us. And this, this is very bad for us.”

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