Documents reveal new details of murder of missing Jacksonville woman

Documents show Shannon McCarthy, a friend of the victim, told police she was “sick in bed” the day after she was last seen.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. A recently released arrest report sheds new light on the murder of a Jacksonville woman found dead on her Westside porch.

Missing Heather Sheppard was last seen on June 29 when her family reported her missing on July 3. The search was called off after Sheppard’s remains were found on the glass-enclosed porch of the house where she often stayed with her girlfriend, Shannon McCarthy.

Police announced Wednesday that McCarthy has been charged with Sheppard’s murder.

The report shows that Sheppard was shot multiple times before he died.

McCarthy’s arrest report shows that witnesses came to the house to try to contact Sheppard as early as June 30. One witness told police that McCarthy “was ill and still in bed.”

The next day, July 1, another witness came to try to speak to Sheppard, but was told that Sheppard had left two days earlier.

On July 4, McCarthy allowed a witness to enter the house and “look around” for Sheppard. She wouldn’t let him on the porch. He told police that he smelled a bad odor at the time, and McCarthy claimed it came from a “bucket of raw meat”.

The next day, police investigating a missing person’s case found Sheppard’s body there.

After her body was found, the report said neighbors told police they heard gunshots on the evening of June 30 – the day after Sheppard was last seen.

According to police, there were several firearms and rifles in the house.

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