Florida city wants to elect its first dog mayor

APOPKA, Florida. – Apopka is looking for a new mayor, but it’s not what you think.

Residents want to elect the city’s first honorary dog ​​mayor, and voting is underway.

The Apopka City Council is reportedly behind the campaign, which is sponsored by local Kasheta Farms, according to the Apopka Dog Mayor website.

“This K9 extravaganza promotes healthy and soulful fun by bringing together dog-loving neighbors, strangers, pet rescues, veterinarians, local pet-friendly businesses, and everyone in between,” the website says. “Under this honorary mayor program, each candidate running for office will nominate a local (central) pet rescue agency to donate a portion of the revenue they raise.”

To enter the race, dogs must be residents of Apopka, must select a Central Florida Pet Rescue Center to support during the campaign, must provide proof of obedience training, must pay a $50 application fee, and must present a valid rabies vaccine.

The window for nominations ended at the end of June, but five puppies made it to the next round: the big race. Here’s a look at the puppies that made it this far:

            For more information about candidates, see here.

            The winning dog will “perform his duties as mayor” for a year. Some of these responsibilities include:

              The runners-up are still in the picture, with commissioner titles and a few other duties to take care of – the kind that doesn’t require a dog litter bag.

              In order to earn public opinion, racing dogs will make special appearances at public events and advocate for their chosen rescue agency.

              MORE DOGS NEWS:

              Voting will begin on August 2 and end on Election Day, August 5, when the votes will be counted and the city’s first dog mayor will be determined.

              FOX 35 News contacted the city of Apopka.

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