Florida Highway Patrol Wins Annual Most Beautiful Cruiser Competition

ORLANDO, Florida. – The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) plans to chew on the competition to win the “Most Beautiful Cruiser” award.

FHP took part in the American Association of State Troopers’ annual competition for the title of the most beautiful cruiser.

This is a nationwide competition where agencies can submit an image representing their state in hopes of winning the title.

The FHP introduction was hosted by Lt. Jeff Frost in Orlando and features a classic brown and black 2019 Dodge Charger as well as an alligator from Gatorland Orlando, giving the image a bit of Florida flair.


“FHP Black and Tan is known to be widely recognized as a symbol of our core values: courtesy, service protection,” said Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicle Safety (FLHSMV) Executive Director Dave Kerner. “When people see Florida State Troopers, they know they are there for protection and can expect professional and competent service. A vote for FHP is a vote for Florida.”

The winning photo will be featured on the cover of AAST’s 2024 wall calendar. Calendar revenues go to the American Association of State Servicemen (AAST) Annual Fund, which provides educational scholarships to military dependents.

Competitions are held from July 17 to July 31 at noon.

Click here to vote for FHP.

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