Florida jury to award damages in McDonald’s ‘hot’ nugget lawsuit

TAMPA, Florida (TodayNews) — Broward County jurors are expected to begin deliberating Wednesday on potential damages regarding an alleged hot McNuggets chick that left a 4-year-old girl with severe burns, NBC affiliate WTVJ reported.

In May, the jury returned a split verdict in court, finding McDonald’s and the franchise owner guilty of burns that the girl received in 2019.

Florida jury finds McDonald’s not negligent, but responsible for burns girl in hot chicken nugget trial: report

After closing arguments on Wednesday, jurors are expected to debate how much money the family should receive.

The family is asking for $15 million.

The victim’s parents sued Upchurch Foods, Incorporated, a company and franchise, alleging that their daughter suffered second-degree burns from hot nuggets during the Happy Meal.

According to the lawsuit, McNugget allegedly got stuck in a car seat and burned his leg.

During the trial, McDonald’s and the franchise argued that they were not at fault.

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However, the jury found that there were no warnings on the food, which led to the girl’s injuries.

McDonald’s was found guilty of burns back in May.

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