Florida man arrested after dousing woman with garden hose: MPs

FLAGLER COUNTY, Florida. – A Florida man was arrested after allegedly dousing a woman with a garden hose during an argument about being on his property, deputies said.

According to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, Jeffrey Rutfield was arrested on battery charges and later released from Perry Hall Sheriff’s Detention Facility.

The incident took place Friday evening at a house on Treetop Circle. Flagler County MPs were called home after a woman reported that an unidentified woman pointed a gun at her husband. The husband, who goes by the name Rutfield, reportedly aggravated the incident by spraying a garden hose into the woman’s face after yelling at her for allegedly being on his property, deputies said.

The Palm Coast man allegedly followed her as she walked back to her car, yelling at her. She said she was afraid of being attacked, so “she showed firearms for her safety,” deputies said. It was then that Rutfield returned to his home. Meanwhile, the woman remained outside in her car, waiting for the deputies to arrive.

Deputies determined that the woman was not on Rutfield’s property and he followed her to her car “aggressively,” officials said.


“A busy weekend for Flagler MPs,” Sheriff Rick Staley said in a statement. “If you spray someone in the face with a garden hose, you only exacerbate the situation. It is much better to refuse the escalation and call us to resolve the dispute.”

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