Florida mother uses her three children, one of whom has autism, to steal goods: deputies

BREWARD COUNTY, Florida. A Florida woman has been arrested after she used her three children, one of whom has autism, to steal merchandise from a local Walmart, deputies said.

Katrina Latoya Singleton, 37, is charged with neglecting a child without bodily injury, resulting in the child committing the offense of intimidation, petty theft, breaking and entering.

Singleton took her three children to a Walmart store in Viera, Florida, to steal merchandise, deputies said. CCTV footage shows Singleton ordering his children to steal goods in shopping carts from the men’s, women’s and children’s clothing departments. Deputies said her autistic 10-year-old was heading out the door with a shopping cart when they stopped her at the door.

The deputies said that a few minutes later another child of hers came out of the store and told them that their mother, Singleton, was in the store. The child then called their mother to tell her to go outside as they were with helpers. Rather than go to where her children were, Deputies said, Singleton exited through the opposite entrance and left her children at the store.

The deputies were able to contact the grandparents of the children to pick them up.


An arrest warrant was issued for Singleton and she was arrested shortly thereafter and taken to the Brevard County Jail. She is being held on $8,000 bail.

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