Florida post office drivers struggle with scorching heat; urgently need air conditioning for trucks

U.S. Postal Service drivers in Florida are facing grueling conditions as they must navigate the grueling summer heat without air conditioning in their trucks.

“We fought,” the Florida postal clerk said. “You know, sweating is a sip of water to keep you cool, but it’s a struggle every day.”

The lack of air conditioning in mail trucks has become a major problem since an incident in Texas in which a postman died while working due to unbearable heat.

“The temperature is 98 degrees, the heat index is about 115. Add another 10 for the inside of the truck – 125 degrees,” the truck driver continued.

In response to the death of a Texas truck driver, Congress intervened to address the issue, demanding immediate action to protect postal workers from hazardous working conditions.

Representatives of Congress called for an earlier launch of mail delivery routes and the introduction of new trucks equipped with air conditioning systems.

Efforts to address this urgent issue are already underway, with new trucks expected by the end of next year.

Implementing the revamped fleet will take time and is expected to be a gradual process before all postal drivers in Florida have access to air-conditioned vehicles.

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