Florida Return-to-School Sales Tax Holiday Begins Today

Preparing children for the new school year can be costly. From new clothes to backpacks to crayons, it can build up quickly.

From Monday, July 24 through August 6, parents can take advantage of the state’s return-to-school tax holiday.

One mom we spoke to said it was better than nothing because buying supplies this year would be a hassle.

“Honestly, I don’t know how we’re going to do it,” said Brooke Rosenberg, a mom of three at the school.

She said basic school supplies would almost break the bank.

“Prices for everything are going up. Crayons, even in the dollar store, now cost $1.25. It’s not even a dollar,” Rosenberg explained.

Rosenberg said a few years ago that she spent about $200 per child, including school uniforms. Now she is looking for a total of $1,500 before her first day of school.

“You can ask every mother here. I’m sure they’re going through the same thing,” Rosenberg added.

She said, like a mother, you will succeed.

“Next weekend we will go to Raymond James on the 29th to get free backpacks,” Rosenberg said.

She also enjoys tax holidays at school. Shoes, some school supplies and puzzles are eligible.

Economist Chris Jones said that for some families, you are likely to get the most bang for your buck on clothes and computers.

“Even if you have multiple kids, you’re probably going to be under $40 in terms of tax savings, but when you think about clothes and buying computers, I think those are definitely things that I think if you have money to spend no matter where your income is, it’s a good investment,” Jones explained.

He said he could save up to $100 on clothes and up to $600 on computers.

Jones added that the downside of tax holidays is that they fall around the first of the month, and while many people would like to take advantage of the rebates, they simply don’t have that flexibility.

“If you are a lower income household and you don’t have a lot of money in the bank, you may not have enough savings to take advantage of this two-week window between the 24th and 6th because your priorities should be to get your rent paid and you just have to spend money on school-related items when you have them to spend,” Jones added.

“It’s not much, but everything helps,” Rosenberg said.

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