For a day full of shopping and eateries, hit the road, Lincoln Road in Miami.

Want something fun? hit the road.

Something a little funky? hit the road.

Maybe we are not clear.

For a night like no other, you must hit the road – Lincoln Road, yes.

The Lincoln Road neighborhood on South Beach is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Anabel Llopis: “Lincoln Road has something that is not found anywhere else in Miami, namely these eight blocks of a delightful street for walking. With all its beautiful architecture, scenery, of course, incredible shops and cafes. This place is a must visit when you are here.”

And speaking of incredible stores, you should check out Showfields while in the area.

Nicole Jezersky: “We are a lifestyle discovery store and we really focus on the experience. This is a new take on the department store, so we’re really giving brands a place to showcase in real life. So they can show their brands that are usually online or smaller brands.”

With everything from fashion to jewelry to huge slides. The showcase has entertainment for everyone.

Nicole Jezersky: “When you enter the store you automatically gain experience, you have a win wheel where you can spin the wheel and win fun prizes, and then when you walk through the store you come across so many more sampling stations, and then you finally get to the slide, which is a really fun place.”

And while you’re on Lincoln Road, you can try Bonbons Etc.

Your one stop shop for everything sweet and nostalgic.

Sheriff Abdallah: “We have sweets, chocolate, toys. We have everything to bring you back to your nostalgic youth.”

There are sweets from days gone by like 60 Jelly Bean flavors, Pez candy and even Jack out of the box.

Sheriff Abdallah: What do people say when they come here? Three letters, WOW, ‘Wow’. That’s all they say, “Wow, look mom, I remember that, I remember that.” That’s all I hear.”

Vintage signs, Pinocchio dolls and candy, candy and more candy.

Everything old becomes new again in Bonbons Etc.

Sheriff Abdallah: “You become a child, no matter how old you are.”

And when you get tired of all the shopping and candy on the road, take a stroll down to Garage 1111 for an epic spectacle.

“Building 1111 has one of the most iconic views on Lincoln Road. You have this amazing western view of Miami Beach, the bay, and all that the city of Miami Beach has to offer.”

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