Fort Lauderdale couple arrested for prostitution

MIAMI – A Fort Lauderdale resident and her boyfriend were arrested on suspicion of running various prostitution massage parlors.

Forty-nine-year-old Catalina Soto, her boyfriend Yonleno Carmenates, and her son Diego Molina Prieto ran several massage parlors and spas throughout the area.

Broward Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into their operations in October 2022. They cooperated with Homeland Security, Miramar Police, and the Fort Lauderdale Police during the course of the investigation. Information obtained during the investigation led them to four establishments engaged in prostitution, which, according to the sheriff’s office, brought in large amounts of cash. Two of them were in Fort Lauderdale, one was in Pompano Beach, and the last one was in Deerfield Beach.

According to the sheriff’s office, detectives discovered that the trio used several financial institutions to launder more than $100,000 in prostitution proceeds.

Soto and Carmenates were detained on 10 July. They are accused of living off the proceeds of prostitution, money laundering and racketeering.

Molina Prieto is outside the country. He has a valid warrant and will be arrested when he returns.

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