G-Rod wreaks havoc as villain in new action movie The Island; the star demonstrates the techniques of jiu-jitsu

The last time Deco Drive saw Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez, he was promoting his short film Your Murder. The actor does his own stunts and participated in many action scenes, for example, in The Equalizer.

He’s doing the same in his new movie, The Island. Deku met him at the Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Weston.

Island character: “That cop? More problems than we expected.

Edoardo Costa (as Manuel): “Do what you have to do.”

SoFlo star and stuntman Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez is kicking ass in his new movie, The Island.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “We filmed this over several weeks in Keats and Nevis. It’s absolutely beautiful. There are very few laws, so I think a lot of bodies are buried there.”

He’s joking, of course… but that sets the tone for the film.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: The Island is an action-packed action movie. This is a story of revenge and love for the family. Michael Jai White, he brings it.”

Michael plays a police officer who goes after the corrupt Lord of the Island when his brother is killed.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez (as Jose): I need you to pick up this bag. Or I will finish you. Here and now.”

And G-Rod is a criminal who fought with Michael’s partner, Jackson Rathbone.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “My character is Jose and I would like to say that I have a romantic interest. No, I work for the cartel. I found the wrong way.”

Perhaps he chose the wrong path, especially since …

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “I get punched in the face. It’s supposed to be fake, but at rehearsal, Jackson Rathbone actually kicked me in the face. There was great chemistry between the two of us up to the point where I broke my finger, as you can see there. I broke my finger at this job. What we do for fun.”

The actor is used to serving shank sandwiches, so we asked him to show us some of his moves.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “I’d like to show you some moves. Let’s get down to business.”

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “I’m excited. You said you were going to teach me some moves, right?

Adrien: “I’ll make you feel better. She will teach you one move.

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “Is she a pro?”

Adrien: “Actually, it’s her first day.”

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “Right? So, girl, is this her first day?

Adrian: Yes sir.

Female fighter: “Okay, are you ready?”

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: Let’s go.

Female fighter: “You’re not ready.”

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: Let’s go.

[Female fighter flips G-Rod and he struggles. He taps out.]

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “That means stop.”

[G-Rod struggles to get up, panting.]

Female fighter: “Are you okay?”

Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez: “I just need some water. I’ll be back soon.”

Female fighter: “You broke my nails!”

Michael Jai White (as Mark): “That’s right. It was not needed. I can use it now if you like.

You can catch The Island on streaming services like Apple iTunes, Vudu, or Video On Demand.

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