Heat advisories released for all Tampa Bay counties

The heat index will rise to 110 degrees this afternoon. Consultations are held from 11:00 to 19:00.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — This hot work week will get even hotter as it comes to an end! The temperature will not be warmer than in the last couple of days, but the humidity has increased.

That’s why a heat alert was issued for the entire Tampa Bay region on Friday, July 21st.

An increase in dew point will result in heat index values ​​between 105 and 110 degrees this morning and evening. Consultations start at 11:00 and continue until 19:00.

When the humidity is this high, your sweat doesn’t cool you either. Your body does not cool down because you sweat, but cools down when the sweat evaporates.

However, when there is so much moisture in the air, the sweat cannot evaporate as quickly and you get hot.

Because of this, on days like today, heat sickness is possible. Try to limit exercise during the middle of the day and take breaks in the shade if you work outside.

Tampa is currently experiencing its second warmest year to date. With above-average temperatures projected in the forecast, Tampa could be the warmest year to date. In fact, the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting warmer than usual temperatures for the rest of July and into August.

Florida is one of many states with heat advisories and warnings in place. They extend from the southwest to the deep south and all the way to Florida. As of Friday morning, more than 78 million people are under a heat alert and another 34 million are under an extreme heat alert.

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