Hungry Florida bobcat dies en route to vet despite rescue efforts: ‘I felt every bone in his body’

ROCKLAGE, Florida. – Animal rescue volunteers were able to find and capture a lynx that neighbors said was on the verge of death, but unfortunately it died on the way to the vet.

According to Wild Florida Rescue, the bobcat was trapped on Eister Boulevard but was in poor health at the time of capture. His breathing was weak, and mucus was flowing from the big cat’s eyes. One of the lynx’s legs was also dislocated and had a potential septic infection.

“When they lifted him up to put him in his cage, I could feel every bone in his body,” a Florida Wildlife Rescue official said.

FOX 35 News previously reported that the bobcat was first spotted earlier this week in the backyard of a woman’s home in Rockledge. Merili Hanson noticed that he looked hungry and his leg was badly broken. The lynx eluded the rescuers for two days, but they did not give up.

The Florida Wildlife Rescue team intervened after several calls about the animal. They, together with their neighbors in the area, tried to find a lynx that had disappeared somewhere in the neighboring green strip.

“To know the end, whether he was captured and euthanized – whether he was captured and rehabilitated, and just pray for him. Whatever the end, it must be reached. He must have a solution,” Hanson said at the time.

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