Illegally released rabbits are now running amok in the Wilton Manors area.

WILTON MANORS, Florida. – Dozens of rabbits have taken over the Broward County community.

The breeder illegally released some of them when she left a couple of years ago and nature took its toll.

Now the rabbits are taking over everything around, and one group is trying to save them, not exterminate them.

The Jenada Islands is the area under consideration in the Wilton Estates.

Resident Alicia Griggs is currently taking care of four rabbits because she fears they will be killed otherwise.

“Some people say (there are) more than a hundred,” she said.

It is difficult to say exactly how many rabbits live in the area.

Griggs recalled that they were first noticed a couple of years ago, after the aforementioned neighbor left them at home.

“She threw the rabbits out on the street without fixing them, and they are breeding,” Griggs said.

We are talking about rabbits with the head of a lion.

Seeing them up close will surely win your heart, but not everyone wants them around.

“Others don’t like it because the rabbits are burrowing in their yards,” Griggs said.

So what’s next for domestic rabbits?

On April 25, the issue was raised before the city commission, which eventually decided to hire a hunter.

Local News 10 contacted the city about the rabbits, and Police Chief Gary Blocker said, “The safety of this population of rabbits is of the utmost importance to the city, and any decision to interfere with our work is bound to result in these rabbits being placed in jail.” hands of people passionately loving and caring for these rabbits.

This is what Griggs would like to see.

“These are indoor rabbits, they shouldn’t live outside,” she said. “They were bred as pets, so they’re not like the rabbits you see in the Everglades.”

Griggs started GoFundMe to help “rescue and shelter” rabbits and can be found by clicking here.

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