Jacksonville Air Force veteran thrives at home by running sportswear brand

Air Force veteran Angel Johnson started a fitness line and thrives serving our country. The brand has even been featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — We are proud to share the service stories of the brave men and women who wear the uniform of our armed forces. But we are also proud to share the success stories of these military personnel as they transition to civilian life.

In this week’s Service History, we feature an Air Force veteran who wears a different type of uniform these days.

“I think my most vivid memory is when I was abroad, in Qatar, and the team that we had was under constant stress,” recalls Angel Johnson, an Air Force veteran who served our country for 8 years.

Johnson left the Air Force as a captain in 2021, but her second career as a sportswear executive began while she was still in the Air Force.

“I started because I was sick of wearing sportswear that wouldn’t protect against squats at the gym,” Johnson said, “so I was spending a lot of money on leggings and they would be see-through, and it’s so embarrassing, especially in a military gym. .”

This is how ICONI was born, which means “I can overcome, nothing is impossible.” The company was successful almost instantly. ICONI has been tagged as one of Oprah’s favorite things, and it happened while Johnson was still in the Air Force. A post about ICONI as Oprah’s “favorite things” of 2020 can be read here: https://iconi.com/blogs/news/oprahs-favorite-things-2020

“I came to work one day and they printed out an article,” Johnson said. “My squadron leader said, ‘I’m going to post this, I know you,’ and it was nice to see that my military family supported me. “

It was the confidence she learned as a Citadel student and an Air Force officer that led her to launch her post-war career.

“Serving in the military makes me feel like I can do anything, so by creating a sportswear brand, I can do it. The military has shown me that I can do much more than I think I can,” Johnson said.

10% of ICONI’s profits are donated to over half a dozen non-profit foundations. More information about Air Force veteran Angel Johnson and sportswear brand ICONI can be found here: https://iconi.com/

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