Judge Sets Trial Date for May Next Year in Trump’s Florida Secret Papers Trial

WASHINGTON (FloridaToday.news) — A Florida federal judge has set a trial date next May for former President Donald Trump in a case accusing him of illegally possessing hundreds of classified documents.

The trial date of May 20, 2024, set Friday by U.S. District Judge Eileen Cannon, is a compromise between prosecutors’ request to set a trial for December this year and defense attorneys’ offer to set it after the 2024 presidential election.

If the date remains in place, it would come immediately after Trump’s separate New York trial of dozens of state charges of falsifying business records in connection with an alleged silence payment to a porn actor. It also means that the trial won’t start until after the presidential nomination calendar starts, and probably much later than the Republican nominee is clear, though before that person is formally nominated at the Republican National Convention.

Postponing the trial from the December 11 start date requested by the Justice Department, Cannon wrote that “the government’s proposed timeline is uncharacteristically expedited and inconsistent with securing a fair trial.” She agreed with defense lawyers that the amount of evidence that would need to be reviewed before trial, including classified information, was “voluminous”.

“The Court believes that the interests of justice served by such an extension outweigh the best interests of the public and the defendants in a speedy trial,” Cannon wrote.

Trump may still face additional trials next year. He revealed this week that he received a letter saying he is the subject of a separate Justice Department investigation into attempts to cancel the 2020 presidential election, and prosecutors in Georgia plan to announce decisions on the charges within weeks as part of an investigation into attempts by Trump and his allies to undermine the vote.

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