July heat in Florida will be a weather record

MIAMI — This year promises to be the warmest July on record, with the July 19 average 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit above the July 2020 record.

By mid-July, Miami’s average high temperature peaks at 91 degrees.

The average low is about 78 degrees.

Average these two values ‚Äč‚Äčtogether and you get 84.5 degrees. So far this month, the average temperature is 86.2 degrees.

Only on July 1 and again on July 18, high temperatures in Miami were average, and the rest of the month was above normal with 5 new record highs. This month, there were no high temperatures below the norm.

Record heat is expected this weekend as another Saharan dust plume rises overhead and a southwesterly breeze blows on the surface.

This will limit showers and sea breezes over Florida’s east coast, allowing temperatures to rise to a projected high of 96 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.

This will either equal or beat previous records for the day and will likely result in above normal average temperatures.

The very warm ocean and plenty of sunshine still does little to alleviate this extreme heat as sea breezes can’t seem to get temperatures below 90 degrees and the heat continues to build up in urban areas day after day.

The reduced chance of rain this weekend will allow temperatures to continue to warm each day with a slight drop at night.

The heat advisory remains in effect this weekend with an excessive heat warning if the heat index is forecast to rise to 110 degrees or higher for at least two hours. Work in the heat, if possible, and stay hydrated.

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