Law Enforcement Launches Operation Southern Slow Down Statewide

HILLSBORO COUNTY, Florida. Starting this week, Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Offices and Police Departments across the state are teaming up to slow down drivers on the roads.

It is part of the nationwide “Operation Southern Slow Down” campaign. This year, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee are joining the effort in their respective states.

“Our roads are crowded and we have people who drive too aggressively,” Sergeant Steve Gaskins said. Get up and go home safely.”

Look at the numbers by state. In 2022, there were almost 400,000 accidents, 3,490 of which were fatal. There were about 200,000 accidents this year; 1668 deaths. Sergeant Gaskins of the FHP said a third of the fatal crashes were due to speeding. Also, just in May, a soldier stopped a driver on I-75 southbound. According to the ticket, at 9:41 a.m., the driver was traveling at a speed of 161 miles per hour. Speed ​​limit 70.

“This is completely unacceptable,” Gaskins said. “This behavior leads to accidents and deaths. He faces a $1,000 fine for a traffic violation.

It is this speeding that law enforcement agencies should stop. The Ministry of Transport will also be involved.

“Just remember, over 500 people die on our roads every year,” said David Gwynn, FDOT District Secretary.

“Each of these people has a family. They have life,” Gwynn said. “They have people who take care of them. We want to try to save as many of these people as possible. But it will take the entire community to support these efforts.”

From July 17 to July 22, there will be a week-long speed enforcement awareness campaign.

Gaskins said the goal is not just to write tickets, but to “educate” and they want to make sure everyone makes it home safely.

“We want you all to slow down,” Gaskins said.

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