Letters: Culture wars haunt Florida students | Slavery upbringing

DeSantis kicking my kids out of Florida colleges

Thank you for your continued coverage of DeSantis’ culture wars – especially his long-term strategy to take over higher education in our state to “wake up” our youth. Your latest article “Why did Randy Fine want to be FAU president?” ends with Anita Levy being quoted as taking her kids away from Florida universities.

As a state resident with two recent Orange County High School graduates, I follow Levy’s lead. Both of my children have qualified for the Bright Futures Scholarship and have been accepted to colleges in Florida. My wife and I were able to send our two children to four years of college at virtually no cost to us. But partly because the Sentinel conscientiously aired out our state’s dirty laundry, much of which was stained by the DeSantis administration, I feel justified in raiding pension funds to send my child to out-of-state schools—one in California and one in New York. Our family may be on the verge of a brain drain wave, but there is a possibility of a tsunami that will damage our state for many years to come.

James Lees Gotha

School ruling ignores the suffering of students of color

DeSantis and his pals approved a law requiring history students at school not to experience discomfort, suffering, or psychological distress due to race, color, gender, etc. What about the suffering and suffering caused by the rejection of students of color from their history of slavery and oppression? Is it “just deal with it” or “it wasn’t that bad” or “look at the positive results”?

Today’s students will become politicians tomorrow. Shouldn’t they all, regardless of skin color, be guided in their decisions by the truth of the history of this people, both good and bad? Denying reality doesn’t change the facts, despite what DeSantis might hope.

Nancy Caroline Tate Altamonte Springs

What awaits the school study of history?

Now that Republican educators have felt compelled to point out that some enslaved people learned useful skills in slavery, what next? Would they also want our students to know that the Holocaust wasn’t so bad because it allowed the Jews in the concentration camps to lose weight?

Charlie Shiner villages

Do not criticize the war in Ukraine if you have not experienced it

The letter “Global Consensus Required for Restoration of Ukraine,” published in a Sunday newspaper, sounds reasonable, unless, of course, you are a Ukrainian and have experienced the bloody devastation of a democracy-loving nation and its people. It’s so easy to sit safe 7,000 miles from a fight and call for a policy of conciliation. For those who survived the 18 months of hellfire that rained down on them from Russia and its villainous and criminal president, it is far from easy.

Maida Kan Boca Raton

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