Letters to the editor: Disney, DeSantis made mistakes | Tantrum Randy Fine

Both sides have suffered from the debate between Disney and DeSantis

It’s interesting to read how Florida residents are divided on the Disney situation (“Florida Poll: Voters Deeply Divided Over DeSantis vs. Disney Battle,” July 10). Some of us still live between them. Disney was ridiculously stupid in starting this battle. As Michael Jordan once said when explaining why he wasn’t more outspoken in politics, Republicans buy sneakers too.

DeSantis was actually right in doing what he did. Just seeing how excited the Reedy Creek firefighters were when they learned that they would no longer be under Disney’s heel was eloquent. The problem with Ron DeSantis is that he makes it personal. I’m sure hardcore Republicans love it, but he kills the way he’s portrayed by us moderates. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, but he correctly named DeSantis on this.

My wife and I love Disney. We go regularly with our children and grandchildren. This is truly a magical place. What we don’t like is what happened to our Disney stock. I understand that other factors besides Disney World are at work here, but fighting the state of Florida is also unwise on their part.

At some point, I hope that a solution can be reached in the interests of both sides, because whether you like it or not, both sides are in it for the long haul.

Ken Luna Oviedo

Randy Fine’s tantrum stopped FAU search

I believe the only reason Florida State University Chancellor Ray Rodriguez stopped searching for a new president of Florida Atlantic University is because Florida Rep. Randy Fine threw a two-year-old tantrum over not being selected as a candidate. after he boasted so openly and hinted that he would be chosen. So politically shameful!

First of all, due diligence was carried out to find three highly qualified candidates that the FAU is likely to lose due to this political stunt (it looks like DeSantis is trying to flood our colleges and universities with his sycophants). Moreover, Randy Fine is completely unsuited to run the university – he supported a ban on books; does not seem to understand the need for diversity, equality and inclusiveness; passes laws aimed at marginalizing the LGBTQ community and wants to whitewash history. Higher education is a place where all philosophies, cultures, lifestyles and ideas are studied and discussed. Our world has become so intolerant of everyone else – we need leaders who will respect everyone.

It’s time for big government and politicians to stop trying to prevent free thinking or opinion in our daily lives and education system, and to stay out of our private lives and medical decisions.

Jay Clary Orlando

The property insurance market is declining

Maybe we should start calling Citizens’ Property “social insurance” because that’s what it becomes when the private sector doesn’t take the risk of insuring vulnerable Florida homeowners (“Farmers Insurance waives 100,000 policies in Florida,” 12 July). Farmers cited “risk exposure” as a reason to leave due to the threat of hurricanes and other natural disasters. The time has come for our elected leaders to give a coordinated and coherent response to climate change. Or our voters will take a look at some new leaders with fresh ideas.

Thomas Caffery Orlando

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