Masked thief stole $180,000 worth of luxury handbags from Weston Thrift Store

The thief was under surveillance, he quickly escaped with goods worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from an elite handbag store in Weston.

According to store management, the thief escaped with 30 bags and three accessories from Season 2 Consign, totaling around $180,000, in a matter of minutes.

Late Saturday night, security cameras caught a masked man with a flashlight and a storage bag. The intruder appears to quickly fill the bag with designer handbags including luxury brands such as Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Gucci before quickly leaving.

“When we arrived, we saw that the glass in the conference room was broken,” said Alejandra Cabán, COO of Season 2 Consign.

Kaban told NBC6 that the scene shocked and disturbed the women’s business.

“We have a workplace and our home, and we are here just as if we were in our own homes,” Kaban said. “And for someone or a group of people who think it’s okay to commit such violent acts. The only thing we can say is thank God there was no one in the office.”

The store’s security company alerted the co-founders during the burglary. However, the thief managed to escape before the police arrived.

The boar said the burglar knew exactly where to find the expensive bags.

“Instead of going all the way to the back of the office space, they knew they had to go down the corridor we have where the vault door is,” she elaborated. “Once they got to the door, which has a security lock with a fingerprint and a combination, they stepped back, ran, and kicked the door many times until the doorframe gave way.”

Broward Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the burglary and is working to identify the person behind the mask.

Anyone with information related to this incident is encouraged to report it.

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