Miami City Council Approves Temporary Protection for Prehistoric Settlement in Brickell Neighborhood

MIAMI ( — The Miami City Council on Tuesday approved temporary protection for a newly discovered prehistoric settlement in the Brickell area by unanimous decision Tuesday. The move sets the stage for a potential dispute between a prominent developer and advocates over construction on the site.

The City Historic Preservation Board voted 6 to 0 to provisionally designate 444 Brickell Avenue as a protected archaeological site. The area is part of a larger Miami River property that the Related Group plans to renovate.

Over the past two years, archaeologists excavating the site of the associated property have unearthed a remarkable collection of artifacts, plant and animal materials, and the remains of local structures dating back thousands of years.

Independent archaeologists consider the finds at this site to be of exceptional importance, making it one of the most important prehistoric sites in South Florida.

The pre-appointment approval ratifies an agreement reached in April between advocates and developer, Related.

Earlier this year, construction began on one of three planned residential towers on the site after archaeologists completed excavations on an empty site adjacent to an existing office building at 444 Brickell. Excavation work continues on another vacant site of related property.

The approval of temporary protection came after minimal discussion.

Several members of the public, including representatives of Native American groups, expressed their support for the appointment, with no objection.

The Board plans to discuss the decision again in November.

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