Miami Edison High School Gets a Surprise Visit from QB Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa

LITTLE HAITI – The Miami Edison High School football field caught fire on Tuesday afternoon, not only because of the unbearable heat, but also because they were unexpectedly visited by Miami Dolphin superstar quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who had words of inspiration for the boys’ football team and the women’s team in flag football.

“I think the most important thing is to listen to the people who matter… really listen to your grandparents, your parents. If these are not your parents, then your uncles, your aunts. To.”

Tagovailoa said to the disciples.

Through Tua’s partnership with Gatorade’s Equity in Sports and Good Sports, Miami Edison Senior High School’s sports department will receive approximately $65,000 worth of new sports equipment and uniforms for the boys’ and girls’ sports programs, plus more.

“This is a truly amazing program in partnership with UP 2 US Sports that provides coaches for the school year for the Miami-Dade School District and their sports teams so they will support them throughout the school year,” said Christine Olupona, Chief Marketing Officer Gatorade in South Florida. .

The Miami Dolphins quarterback has been an honorary coach during the day, spending time with both boys and girls, and he knows that’s important.

“It’s really something special. I’ve always dreamed of growing up, being a professional professional football player, being able to make an impact on communities and being able to give back,” Tua said. here, while I’m still living, my dream is very cool.”

It also didn’t escape the attention of real-life Miami Edison trainer Luther Campbell.

“These kids, many of them, come from single-parent families, and when he talked about family, any mention of family meant a lot to these boys and girls,” Campbell said.

As for young athletes, they will not soon forget this day.

“It means a lot because I sit and watch him on the big screen on TV on Sunday nights and I wish I was in his cosmic spot right now,” junior linebacker Danny Wamper said.

“I feel like you know that he has come and he is showing us and giving us a chance that we can really be like him in the future. He inspired me to play harder and work harder,” said Shalomiit Yisrael, the women’s flag player.

“You know, it’s Edison. They don’t really look at us like others and things like that. So, the NFL player who comes here, looks at us and works with us, really shows us that we can come out on top,” said athlete Camilla Candidate.

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