Miami Police Investigate Possible Armed Robbery Aboard Yacht

MIAMI Miami police are investigating after responding Sunday night to reports of a gunman on board a yacht.

The incident was reported shortly before 9:00 pm near 114 SW N. River Drive.

Authorities believe it may have been related to the robbery.

The video shows police patrol boats surrounding a large boat moored near The Wharf.

The popular place at that time was filled with people.

Mobile phone video from a Wharf visitor shows the moment the police targeted the yacht.

The man, who claims to know the owner of the yacht, says that someone paid thousands of dollars to charter the yacht, but demanded a refund at gunpoint.

Another mobile phone video shows people on a yacht with their hands raised as police approach them.

An eyewitness told Local 10 News that he was drinking with friends when he saw the police surround the yacht.

“Suddenly, a police boat swam up to the front. People were raising their hands, so we were wondering what was going on,” said Terence Quek.

The wharf was evacuated while the police investigated the situation.

Police have not yet confirmed whether anyone was arrested or confirmed the details leading up to the incident.

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