Miami Pride: Girl Scout creates program to give Old Glory a decent retirement

MIAMI – Most of us don’t know what to do with our American flags if they are too tattered or torn to be raised.

Before you’re tempted to throw them away, there’s a retirement plan to let Old Glory say goodbye. It was created by 18-year-old Girl Scout Amalia Ise, who made it her mission to show everyone how they can give their old flags back a proper patriotic pension.

“We created this program, which consists of three boxes located in Miami Shores, El Portal and Biscayne Park, where people can put up flags when it’s ready for decommissioning. And then me and my Girl Scout troop will remove the flags for them,” Ise said.

Ise came up with her American flag retirement program as part of her Gold Award project for her Girl Scout troop. Her grandfather built boxes where people can put their old flags.

But Ise needed help to expand her interests, so she enlisted the help of the Miami Shores Rotary Club.

“The difference was that she asked for a partner. She wanted to work with us, not just money, but for us to help her with the project, work with her, supplies, everything that she presented to us at the presentation, ”said former club president Neil Codsey. “I’ve been a trial lawyer for 30 years and her presentation rivaled many of the presentations I’ve seen in the courtroom.”

Through this collaboration, Ise and the Miami Shores Rotary Club will continue the program when she goes to college.

What started as a Girl Scout project has grown into a meaningful way to honor not only this country, but those who serve it.

“I feel like I’m doing something good for my country that a lot of people might not know about, or something that isn’t really thought of that often. So it’s kind of a giveaway,” Ise said.

For this, we applaud Ise’s efforts, which Miami is truly proud of.

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