Miami’s ZeyZey Pop-up Concert Venue Brings FunFun

Want to spruce up your weekend plans? Miami has a brand new music space called ZeyZey that’s ready to get you moving and having fun.

Ready to have fun at ZeyZey?

Josh Hackler: “ZeyZey” is the word for happiness in the language of this Yahuaco tribe living in northern Colombia, near Santa Marta.”

They will definitely cheer you up after watching one of their weekend performances.

Josh Hackler: “It’s a place with a global impact where it’s very ingrained and local, but it also has a huge global impact.”

Featuring tunes from Miami local Tato Marenko and his new album Mamá Cumbé.

Tato Marenko: “Our music for dancing; it’s a big party. I’m from Colombia, so there we have fun all the time to these rhythms – cumbia, mapale – and you will see it.

The hall has different seats for your enjoyment.

Josh Hackler: “After the live show starts to sort of end, people go inside and you can book a table in the living room or just come and dance.”

Victoria Camacho: “I love that it’s great to express culture and music; it brings people together. Drinks were great, all bars have great cocktails, great beer so everything is perfect.”

Josh Hackler: “This is a place where everyone, from all walks of life, can enjoy and have fun, as well as be welcome and bring their friends. It really is a place to relax, have fun with friends and listen to amazing music.”

The pop-up concert venue is open on Fridays and Saturdays.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:ZeyZey Miami353 NE 61st St.Miami, FL

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