Mom of son who died in street racing crash speaks out amid repression at races

As officials search for those involved in illegal street racing on the roads of Miami-Dade County, a mother whose son died in a reckless crash speaks of dangerous stunts.

The video shows drivers performing donuts and dangerous stunts in Miami-Dade as dozens of people watched and cheered. Traffic was halted and congested several miles northbound on I-95 near NW 151st Street. Hours later, evidence of illegal activity was still visible.

“These videos are extremely disturbing,” said Capt. Freddie Cruz of the Miami City Police. “Firstly, it is illegal, but most importantly, it is extremely dangerous. At any moment, any of these riders could lose control and cause harm to all spectators or even take their lives.

Illegal street racing chaos in Miami-Dade.

In Wynwood, vehicles blocked the road near NW 1st Avenue and 23rd Street. When the police arrived, everyone fled. Another group took over the Miami tunnel and they had the same mission. Vehicles also occupied the intersection of Northwest 167th Street and 12th Avenue.

Over the past few months, police in Miami-Dade and Broward have arrested drivers involved in illegal street racing.

This is an activity that Zulema Sanchez knows all too well. Her youngest son, Alberto, died in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale last August.

“Mile 152, this is a terrible, terrible accident,” Sanchez said. “The car is not a toy, it is only meant to be transported.”

Sanchez said she saw the nightly footage and has a message for everyone involved because she doesn’t want another parent to live with the pain she’s had to endure for almost a year.

“No more fast driving, no more slow or normal driving,” Sanchez said. “Moms, kiss your kids because you never know what will happen the next day.”

The Florida Highway Patrol is reviewing the video to determine who is responsible. The agency said that if you are involved in any illegal activity, including street grabbing, drifting, wheelie, burnout, and donuts, you may be subject to a first-degree misdemeanor.

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