“No one will fight better than me”: Orlando performer acquitted in the case of the attack on the Capitol

ORLANDO, Florida. – An Orlando artist acquitted of charges of attacking the US Capitol said he was shocked when a federal judge found him not guilty.

James DeLisco Beaks was arrested in Milwaukee in November 2021 while performing as Judas on the Jesus Christ Superstar national tour.

Federal prosecutors claimed that Bix was a member of the alt-right group Oathkeepers, and they pointed to him in several video segments of him climbing the steps of the US Capitol in a “military-like stack” with other members of the group. formation”.

Beaks told News 6 in January that he had joined the Oathkeepers just a couple of weeks prior to Jan. 6, and he was not part of any conspiracy.

On July 12, federal judge Amit Mehta agreed, finding Bix not guilty at his trial.

Mehta presided over the trials of national Oathkeeper leader Elmer Stewart Rhodes and Florida leader Kelly Meggs, both of whom were found guilty of sedition.

“It all came down to intent and the government cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt and beyond reasonable doubt that I intended to go and do it,” Bix told News 6 this week.

Of more than 1,000 people arrested as a result of a US Justice Department investigation, only two have been acquitted.

News 6: Why did you decide to join the Oathkeepers?

Bix: There was a Stop Theft rally in Orlando and I went there to sing the national anthem and I was wearing some tactical gear. I was there to protect the people because we all know what the climate was like in the summer of 2020 and throughout the election year. There was a lot of violence and chaos at that time. My intention was to be in defensive mode, not offensive.

News 6: Did it surprise you that the leaders of the Oathkeepers were on the side of the attack?

FBI investigators said this photo shows Bix wearing a Michael Jackson jacket seen at the Capitol (Courtesy: FBI) ​​(Copyright 2021, WKMG ClickOrlando – All Rights Reserved.)

Bix: Well, yes, it was. I didn’t find out until after the event everything that happened. I thought, “Oh my God, really?” I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t have access to any private chats or anything that was going on – all those alarm chats that got them caught. I had no idea. I got into the wrong company, you know?

News 6: Are you angry about it?

Bix: It’s just mixed feelings. I mean, I didn’t have time to think about many things, because I was, you know, these accusations were against me, and I had to, you know, fight them off. Yes, I mean what can I do? I mean, at least I didn’t get buried for it.

News 6: You represented yourself throughout this case.

Bix: I submitted my own share. Yes.

News 6: It was a big burden on your shoulders.

Bix: Yeah. I mean, I feel like no one is going to fight better than me, and so it made sense for me as a man to do this, to stand up for my birthright and tell the truth, and my truth was the intent. Do you know I went there on purpose to do what I was accused of? No, no, it’s simple and clear.

News 6: You know what they say about someone who represents himself in court?

Bix: Oh yes. Well, I proved them wrong, right?

News 6: You have lost two years of your life because of this.

Bix: Yeah.

News 6: A lot of people would be really crazy about it.

Bix: Um, yes. Yeah.

News 6: Do you feel like you have to save your reputation?

Bix: Well, it was destroyed. I don’t know if I can audition for Broadway again, you know, after all this is over. It’s like a scarlet letter just in that orbit.

Bix told News 6 that he is currently writing a book detailing his life.

“It simply tells my story of being a foster child, whose first memories of being in the foster system, being abused and abandoned, and how to get out of that abuse, live in poverty, find your voice, sing and live your dream, become a five-become a Broadway star, become a four-passport holder or go on a trip around the world to surpass it and surpass all odds. I have a story to tell. So hopefully people will be interested,” he said.

Bix said he did not rule out a return to the stage, but said that only time would tell.

“I understand,” he said. “Just because I was there, some people will probably never accept me, but, you know, I made a mistake and I’m sorry.”

Bix raises funds to publish his book. More information is available here.

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