Not your typical seaweed! Marijuana washed up on Neptune Beach

If you’re thinking about “turning this discovery into your own treasure hunt,” the Neptune Beach Police Department advises otherwise.

NEPTUNE BEACH, Florida. A “large amount” of marijuana washed up on Neptune Beach on Saturday, according to the Neptune Beach Department.

This is probably not the “seaweed” that beach lovers planned to see.

“Crazy,” said Michael Minnich. “I don’t know where it came from.”

Police believe the marijuana was in a bag that opened up in the sea.

The Neptune Beach Police Department and Public Works are working to clear the beach of marijuana in the Florida Boulevard area.

“It’s like finding a shark’s tooth,” Minnich said.

“But ten times better,” added Aria Peters.

In a Facebook post, the NBPD warned that if you’re thinking about going to the beach and “turning this discovery into your own treasure hunt”… you shouldn’t. “After swimming in the ocean for some time, the marijuana quickly began to decompose and rot,” the report said.

As of 4:30 pm on Saturday, there was still marijuana on the beach.

The police department did not say how much was removed, but a beach visitor speculated.

“It was pretty far,” said Brandon Bowen. “It was a big pile.”

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